Tiger “Pissed Off” That Winning No Longer Involves Just Beating Phil and Vijay
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Ricky Barnes and Tiger Woods share a bro handshake after some round

While Tiger Woods was hitting the bed (metaphorically, of course), the kids were having their day. And with the end of the pre-scandal dominant Tiger era, everyone can’t stop waxing greatness about golf’s youth movement. No Tiger? No problem! There’s always Rickie, Ryo, Dustin and Rory! No pressure, guys. But at the same time, many are still optimistic and prognosticate a huge year for Tiger in 2011 (including yours truly). Why? Because Tiger’s beyond ticked off, says Ricky Barnes via the Toronto Sun.

“Not only are they competing and way up there, but we also were able to get a few of those names in the Ryder Cup (Fowler, Mahan, Johnson) and get the rest of the world familiar with a lot of the young Americans,” said Barnes, 29, who feels it won’t be long before Woods is back in peak form.

“I think everything’s maybe going to start mellowing out in his life on and off the golf course and the guy’s way too good, way too talented and way too determined to go a year and not win, so I’m sure, if anything, this is probably the most pissed off as he’s been after a full season,” said Barnes.

And despite choking losing a four-shot lead going into the final round of the Chevron World Challenge, Dustin Johnson concurs with Barnes.

“I don’t think it will be too long before he gets back in there, especially playing well at the Chevron (World Challenge),” Johnson said.

How many times did I hear about the fire being lit under Tiger’s ass after a crappy performance or diss from a competitor? That was 2010, though. It’ll be a fresh start for Tiger in 2011 (thank goodness, right?), but with what happened at the Chevron — Graeme McDowell fearlessly sinking clutch putts in Tiger’s face — it’s a whole new game. No doubt Tiger will win next year, but if he has the lead when Sunday rolls around, the trophy will no longer be handed to him on the first tee.

A related question: which kid — if any — will stand out and dominate in 2011? Somebody step up, please! Parity is great and all, but dominance sells better.