Stevie and Tiger, an Enduring Bromance
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Dorky high-fives!

Tiger wasn’t the only one that had a rough year. Everyone in his inner circle did, too, including his other half on the links — Steve Williams. After Tiger shot 75 in the final round of the US Open, he made some comments that were largely interpreted as critical of Stevie’s decision making. This fueled speculation that their relationship was strained, and a split between the twelve-year duo was imminent. But Stevie says he never considered quitting, according to the AP.

The looper also didn’t expect his boss to struggle quite like he did in 2010.

“When you compete at this level, a large percentage of your success is due to your mental preparation,” he said. “And evidently, Tiger’s mind wasn’t as sharp due to his own personal problems. He’s come back from an injury before. I’ve caddied for him for 12 years, and the two times he had long layoffs, he came back like nothing had happened. I didn’t think a lot would change.”

Stevie enjoyed the challenge, but sometimes it was frustrating not knowing which Tiger Woods would show up to the golf course.

“When he got it right, it was great to see. But he couldn’t keep doing it,” Williams said. “You go to the golf course and wonder if he’s got what he had yesterday, or can he improve from what he had yesterday. But that’s what happens when you change your swing.”

However, Stevie believes Tiger’s swing struggles and inconsistent performances will soon be a thing of the past.

He was impressed with the progress Woods had made on his new swing in just four months. The last swing change took close to a year.

Williams left California believing the worst was behind them.

“I’m pretty confident when the new year starts that Tiger will be fully ingrained with this new swing,” he said.

In other words, watch out, bitches!

(AP Photo/Gus Ruelas)