Next Stop? Pebble Beach! (Seriously.)
By Stephanie Wei under General

Rewind to June: No. 7 at US Open at Pebble Beach

For whatever reason, this job (golf writer/blogger/entrepreneur/whatever) has presented lots of amazing opportunities in 2010. From the US Open at Pebble Beach to the Open Championship at St. Andrews, I can’t complain. In fact, I’m not sending Santa a wish list this year. After watching some friends earn their Tour cards last week, it was like Christmas kinda came a few weeks early.

But this outing in the name of charity was already planned, so here I am — actually, I’m mid-flight about 10,000 feet in the air (don’t you love technology?) on my way back to Pebble. This time, I get to play the course (for the first time)! Spyglass and Spanish Bay are on the itinerary, too.

By now, I’m sure some of you are sick of hearing about my travels. (I’d hate me, too. I guess there are some cool perks to this job!)

Thanks to Lexus, myself and another golf writer buddy are on our way to the Lexus Champions for Charity tournament to cover a worthy cause. On a nationwide basis, the program has generated more than $135 million for charity through more than 3,000 events since 1989.

Golfers from all over the country will spend the next four-or-so days at Pebble Beach for some golf, drinks, laughs, Lexus driving experiences and a great cause. It really doesn’t get much better! (Well, my game could be in better shape, and we’ll see if the weather holds up, but I’m pretty sure I’ll survive if not.)

Along with the usual WUP newsy posts, I’ll be writing some stories about the experiences and event. There might even be an interview with Johnny Miller. I can sense the enthusiasm in the air! This should shake things up a bit and that’s good because it happens to be a slow news week, anyway.

Oh, I’ll also be tweeting (@stephaniewei), with the hashtag #lexusc4c, and Facebooking — there are never too many ways to get your dose of WUP, right?! Follow along, if you’d like. I’m excited and hope you guys are, too. And remember, it’s all in the name of charity!

Stay tuned for my next report from the ground.