Horschel and Gordon Owe Strickler a Hug and Kiss — or at Least a Beer
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Billy Horschel was one of 29 players that earned their PGA Tour cards this week

Going into the 108th hole, Will Strickler was 10-under for the tournament. He faced a 20-footer double-breaking putt to save par. When he missed, Scott Gordon and his family, who were watching the TV feed in the clubhouse, let out a cheer. Gordon missed a two-to-three footer on the last hole to slide to 9-under. It was looking like that blunder was going to cost him his PGA Tour card (and some sleepless nights).

But since Strickler couldn’t convert par, he moved the cut line to nine-under. All three players turned out to be winners in that situation. Horschel, who already had status under a major medical exemption, earned his full card. Strickler and Horschel, who were teammates at the University of Florida, embraced and shared a laugh afterward.

Strickler will probably be drinking from Horschel and Gordon’s tabs tonight.

Wait, how did those three get their cards? Isn’t it just the top 25? There were 26 players who were at 10-under, but two of those players, Michale Putnam and Justin Hicks, had already earned their cards by finishing in the top-25 on the Nationwide Tour money list, so they did not count toward the total of 25. The cut-off fell to 9-under and allowed three additional players to collect a card.

So I guess Strickler, Horschel and Gordon also kinda owe Putnam and Hicks some beers!