Need Entertainment? Turn to the Trash-Talking European Golf Tweeters.
By Stephanie Wei under Twitter

Since the Chevron World Challenge is such a serious event (counts for world ranking points!), Ian Poulter apparently has some extra time on his hands in between rounds. Poulter turned to Twitter and had fun with the iPhone Fatbooth app, fattening up some of his fellow pro golfers and Lebron James. This composite of all the photos comes via Devil Ball Golf.

I couldn’t stop laughing last night. (But apparently Poulter dug up a real picture of Phil circa 2007-2008, instead? And a current one of Monty?) I believe it all started last week during a Twitter exchange between Westwood and Poulter, where Poulter clowned on the formerly chubby Westy.

After Westwood saw the Fatboothed pictures, he snapped back and tweeted, “I can get Poults a deal on a proper jag when he gets a proper car that he can get just more than him and his hair gel in!”


And then Westy went after Rory. did us a favor (thanks, Ritter?) and compiled the entire exchange. Bubba Watson got involved, too (but wasn’t really nearly as funny). As you’ll see, the trash takling goes on for quite a while, but this was my favorite part (via

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the Americans need to step it up (or perhaps they’re just boring). Anyhow, I recommend following Westwood, McIlroy and Poulter, among others. After all, it is Follow Friday.