Tiger Discovers @Reply on Twitter, Other Human Beings
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Tiger: I'm ready for my Twitter lesson!

A few weeks ago, Tiger Woods broke the internet when he sent his first tweet, “What’s up everyone. Finally decided to try out twitter!” Within a day, he racked up over 250,000 followers, but he hasn’t been very active — which is fine — it takes a some time to get used to interacting with strangers. (Unless your name is Lee Westwood.) Well, Tiger made the next step on Tuesday afternoon and interacted with his 278,396 followers via @reply (he tweeted the picture above). The lesson? He’s just as boring as we always thought (at least pre-scandal).

Here’s a sampling:

Steak and baked potato. RT: @Padgoi what did you eat after your foundation meeting?

During round I eat peanut&banana sandwich & almonds RT: @macrod01 Hey — What’s the best pre-round meal and “in the bag” snacks/food? Thnx.

As Al Davis said “Just win baby” RT: @mwheeler22 @TigerWoods ..yo tiger, what are your 2011 goals on the PGA tour?

The board room tweeting you RT: GoogleJason The only reason I’m back on twitter is to see what Tiger has to say…where you at @tigerwoods?

Read RT: @davejemm Cant believe TW is on Twitter! The fact that you may read this Tiger fills me with excitement ! Absolutely love you man !

St. Andrews. RT: @Justin_PRGuy @TigerWoods what’s your favorite course and why?

Single digit handicap with a nasty hook. RT: @billyfennelly I know that you have caddied for Stevie before, how good of a golfer is he?

Basketball. RT: @WeberN @TigerWoods if you could play any other sport, what would it be?

No movie compares to Caddyshack. RT: @MrCree2 Coming to America or Hangover?

Caddyshack! Of course his favorite movie is Caddyshack! No way. Well, Tiger gets credit for the effort (golf claps!) — and it sure sounds like him — but does anyone else get the feeling that a PR flak is standing over his shoulder? From my understanding, he’s a pretty good trash-talker and can be funnier than a robot.

Someone get him Westy’s number!

(Photo via Tiger Woods Twitpic)