Law & Order: the Tiger Woods Scandal Edition
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Considering “Law & Order” is known to adapt real life crimes, changing the plot just enough so it’s considered fiction, it was only a matter of time that the show would take on Tiger Woods’ troubles.

This Wednesday’s episode of “Law & Order: Los Angeles” features a skirt-chasing golf pro and his club-wielding wife. When police arrive to the scene, the injured golfer says his wife was just trying to save him from the swimming pool (instead of a wrecked car). Apparently this golfer didn’t know how to swim and his wife used a club to rescue her husband instead of a life ring and/or hook.

A spokesperson for the series claimed the episode strictly fiction. Of course, it is, technically, but writers have to find their inspiration somewhere. Besides, it’s not like we really know what happened to Tiger on Thanksgiving night.