Newlywed Greg Norman Enjoying Drama-Free Married Life (With Third Wife)
By Stephanie Wei under Presidents Cup

Greg Norman with new wife Kirsten Kutner

In case you missed the news several weeks ago, Greg Norman, who is no stranger to marriage or divorce, exchanged vows with 41-year-old Kirsten Kutner. Unlike his very public make-out session with tennis great Chris Evert, he’s keeping a low profile with his third life partner (in fact, Evert reportedly didn’t even know her ex was engaged until told the week before the nuptials).

In the media conference at Royal Melbourne, where Norman and Fred Couples announced their assistant captains for the 2011 Presidents Cup, Norman said, “It’s been very, very quiet.”

The whole exchange is a gem, actually. Especially when Freddie chimes in.


Q. We know you brought your new bride back out to Australia. Hopefully she’ll be joining you next time I would imagine, and it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind I would imagine?

GREG NORMAN: Actually it hasn’t been. It’s been very, very quiet. We had a beautiful wedding in the Caribbean, very understated, and yeah, she’s going into Sydney next week. Her father lives in Sydney, so she’s looking forward to going back and seeing him. Her sister come down with her this trip. She hadn’t been down to Australia in a long, long period of time, so it’s great to have her come back. No, there’s been no drama, just very, very nice and peaceful and quiet.

FRED COUPLES: How old is her sister? Or is she married? (Laughter.)

GREG NORMAN: We’ll talk about it later on.

What a couple of jokesters! (We all know that age doesn’t matter to Freddie. Oh, maybe he was making sure she was young enough? Kidding.) Last we heard, Freddie was happily living in Charlotte with girlfriend Amy O’Keefe.

Best of luck to the Normans. After all, you know what they say — third time’s the charm.