Lee Westwood Also Surpasses Tiger at Twitter
By Stephanie Wei under European PGA Tour

World’s No. 1 ranked-golfer Lee Westwood jumped on the Twitter bandwagon the week after Tiger Woods gave his version of “Hello, Tweeps!” just a week earlier. While Americans were preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, Westwood, who was playing at the European Tour’s Dubai World Championship, wrote his first tweet: “I’ve eventually succumbed to tweeting. Here goes! I can’t be any worse at it than Flintoff and Vaughny!” He sure hasn’t disappointed. In fact, Westwood is a natural at poking fun of his European golf Twitter pals and endearing fans in 140 characters.

While the former No. 1 hasn’t really taken to the social media tool (though he tweets the contrary), the current No. 1 can’t stop sharing his thoughts, embracing it with open arms. What have we learned? Westy enjoys sports and he’s pretty funny.

Some highlights — he gives Rory a hard time about his blonde locks:

@McIlroyRory Thanks Rory. I’m just pleased I wasn’t stood next to you when that flock of sea gulls flew over!

@McIlroyRory Nobody likes a showoff! Have they got a big fish tank like the Atlantis???? Can you see a barbers from up there??!!

Had an interesting conversation with Rory about hair removal last night. You should all quiz him about it!

Westy also entertains us at the expense of Ian Poulter:

Not a bad start to the week. Only trouble now is I have to play with the king of Twitter on tour! Poults! I’ll be quizing him for tips!

@IanJamesPoulter Its because of forest that you’ve got shirts and play in red! What you wearing tomorrow? I’d hate to put the same thing on!

Out at 11.50 and hate to rub it in but it’s about 85 and not a cloud in the sky! Poults is in the locker room doing his makeup!

@IanJamesPoulter I’ve seen what your wearing tomorrow. G Boyd wore it thursday. Your so yesterday! Be a setter not a follower poults!

@IanJamesPoulter I’m delighted a Twitter god like yourself follows me so closely! Didn’t see you in the gym sparrow legs!

And this one is probably my favorite in reply to Poults tweeting a picture of a heavier Westwood:

@IanJamesPoulter that’s the real world matchplay championship trophy! Won that back in 2000 when you were selling tees and mars bars!

(Poulter was a club pro before he made it to the Tour level.)

Westy and his manager Chubby Chandler, aka Buddha because of his round physique, take a little jab at Poulter spelling “Buddha” incorrectly, along with Tiger’s tradition of wearing red on Sundays:

Another zinger from Westwood:

I knew I should have worn a red shirt!!!!! At least I stayed in front of sparrow legs in the money list! Well done Rob.

If you haven’t figured it out, “Sparrow Legs” is Poulter.

Sparrow legs poulter is on a 16 hour flight to LA so a bit out of range at the mo. peace for us all !

The banter between Westwood, Poulter and McIlroy is pretty hilarious. US Open champ Graeme McDowell chimes in, too — but mostly he just tweets about beer.

Take a read…if you can keep up with them.