Tiger on Twitter: From Crashing his Escalade to Crashing the Web
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has triggered a Twitter frenzy this morning. It is his official account, according to @PGATour. I won’t believe it’s him until it’s Twitter verified! But the first tweet sure sounded like it could be him: “What’s up everyone. Finally decided to try out twitter!” It’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. You know, Lebron, Paul Pierce, Lance, Shaq, Swish, etc. But let me guess, some PR person finally convinced Tiger that this will help his image and he has to personally do the tweeting (otherwise, it just comes across as superficial and corporate plug for his companies and foundations — not that he shouldn’t talk about his charity work, but don’t make it sound like an advertorial sound bite).

With the one-year anniversary of the car crash coming up, it appears Tiger is on some new charm offensive. First, in Melbourne, he laughed at himself over a joke that him and Shane Warne “share the same nocturnal habits.” Now, he’s on Twitter. And tomorrow he’s going to chat with Mike & Mike in the Morning.

Twitter could lead to all sorts of danger for Tiger. Or fun. I’ve heard it’s a great dating service for athletes.

It could also work wonders to help rehab his image. While I’m sure he’ll wax all sorts of personal tidbits and insight in 140 characters, he can actually try to act like a real human being on a platform where he controls the message. I mean, if you’ve ever thought about it, Twitter is kind of perfect for Tiger. He gets 140 characters to reveal nothing! And it’s all right there in front of you! The followers here in Twitterverse are tremendous!

Naturally, the peanut gallery is out in full force. So are the inappropriate, lewd comments. But there’s enough funny to keep you entertained for…oh, man, it’s already been over two hours?!

For Tiger, could Twitter be the next best thing to sexting? It is what it is.

Oh, and of course, pithy and witty Tiger on Twitter jokes are welcome. Actually, they’re highly encouraged. It’s a new meme. Go!