Former Handles Messiah Daly Lacks Putting Rhythm
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Skinny John Daly is having problems adjusting on the greens

When John Daly tees it up at this week’s Hong Kong Open, he will be 126 lbs lighter than he was 18 months ago. Although Daly’s significant weight loss is good for his health, it doesn’t come without another set of problems. Daly is still adjusting to his slimmer self and it’s particularly impacting him on the greens. (I’ve seen dramatic weight loss mess up people’s swings, but I’ve never heard of this putting phenomenon. Oh, never mind.)

“The biggest problem has been my putting because I’ve got nowhere to put my elbows. I used to be able to put my elbows on my love handles and putt pretty good. Now they’re all over the place,” Daly told reporters in Hong Kong. “It’s taken a while to get used to this, but I know it’s for the better for me and hopefully the results will come pretty soon.”

I’m confused. Has he looked at his stats lately? In 2008 the love-handle-laden Daly finished No. 186 in Putts Per Round and No. 195th in Putting Average on the PGA Tour. This season, flapper Daly is ranked No. 109th and 152nd in those categories, respectively.

Oh, but there’s also this.

“It’s been a tough year with injuries,” Daly said. “I’ve had my shoulder put back in place probably about five times this year — I’ve had it popped back in before I came over — but the ball striking has been great.