Watch a Fan Get Knocked in the Head By Robert Allenby’s Errant Drive
By Stephanie Wei under General

Thanks, Robert! Fan, who is bleeding from the head, gets carted away.

Thanks to Paul from Ted Williams Head for sending this video of Robert Allenby nailing some poor, innocent bystander smack in the noggin on Friday at the Australian Masters. Here’s what happened: Allenby was paired with Tiger Woods, so naturally, there was a huge gallery following the group. On the 10th hole, Allenby pulled his drive and because of the blustery conditions, it went even further left, hitting the fan so hard that he was knocked to the ground and couldn’t get up. Medics arrived to the scene and carted him off. While being driven away and bleeding from the forehead, the man managed a smile and a thumbs-up to the crowd.

Here’s the video:

At least the fan got an autographed golf ball from Allenby! And thanks to the favorable bounce of the guy’s head, Allenby parred the hole.

Golf: A dangerous spectating sport.