Woods Scores 69 Down Under (No Giggles, Please)
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Tiger: Thank you, thank you. Please, stop. I'm blushing.

“That was probably the highest score I could have shot,” Woods said. “I gave myself a lot of looks early. I just didn’t kept leaving them short. The only bogey I had was a three-putt.”

Tiger three-putts his way to a 69. Haha! Get it?

“I hit the ball well all day,” Woods said. “It was just a matter of getting committed to hit the ball a little harder on my putts. I was in all the right spots. But they’re really slow up the hill and really quick going down, and I didn’t make the adjustment.”

Anyway, he’s four back of leaders Alistair Presnell and Adam Bland, who opened with six-under 65s.

(AP Photo/Andrew Brownbill)