Two of a Kind Draw a Pair of Aces
By Stephanie Wei under General

Erica and Lindsey Bensch, sisters and members of the Central Oklahoma golf team, each made hole-in-ones on Tuesday at the KickingBird Golf Club. Erica, a junior, scored an ace on 124-yard No.3 with a gap wedge. A little less than two hours later, Lindsey, a freshman, dunked in her shot with an 8-iron on the 142-yard No. 11.

Hole-in-ones are already rare. Then add in the sister component, not to mention the same day in the same round. What are the odds exactly? 15 million to 1, according to the Sarasota Tribune, which cited a 2005 Golf Digest Review. But in an article by Cliff Shrock of Golf Digest, he figures it’s closer to 17 million to one.

While the Bensch sisters certainly achieved an extremely incredible and ridiculous feat, they’re not the first. Golf Digest says they’re the third set of sisters to score aces in the same round:

In 2006, a pair of identical twin sisters made back-to-back holes-in-one in California. And in 2005, another pair of sisters in California made back-to-back aces. And in another family twist, also in 2005, a pair of female cousins each made an ace on the same hole, in the same round, back-to-back in the same group.

But what makes Erica and Lindsey stand out is that their aces were achieved on a regulation course, rather than executive courses like both sets of California sisters.

I hope the Bensch sisters are still celebrating their remarkable feat at wherever co-eds party in Central Oklahoma (of course, assuming they’re both of age, even though Lindsey is a freshman, but college kids never ever booze). Make that a double!