Woods Eyeing China Deals; Communist Party Insists on No Eye Contact
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

In a Tiger first, Woods sees opportunity in a land far, far away from Las Vegas

A-ha! I knew there was an ulterior motive when Tiger Woods was going out of his way to bond with the Chinese fans last week at the HSBC Champions. Kidding! Reuters is reporting that Tiger is shopping the Chinese market to replace the big-name sponsors, such as Gatorade, Gillette, Accenture and AT&T, that dumped him following his sex scandal.  Well, there are 1.3 billion reasons why China is a great place for that.

Oh, there’s also a key cultural component that plays to Woods’ advantage.

Remember when lots of companies were treating any association with Woods like the bubonic plague? While TAG Heuer was tearing down billboards featuring Tiger in the US and Australia, the company was posting them in practically every available ad space in China. You see, in Chinese culture, your success is measured by your number of mistresses. Via Reuters:

“We’re certainly considering Chinese companies as they are certainly considering (me),” he told reporters during his hit-and-miss performance at the $7 million WGC event.

“We’re looking at, and are considering all opportunities as we always do. That hasn’t changed.

“It’s just a matter of finding the right fit and believing in the company and making sure that I can help them and we see eye-to-eye in that regard,” he added.

Given the winning combo of the growing golf bug and Tiger’s popularity in China, I wouldn’t be surprised if an endorsement deal was announced by the end of the quarter. After all, it is the Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese calendar.

(AP Photo/Andy Wong)