Worst Golf Shot: Hacks, Bad Lies and Videotape
By Stephanie Wei under Announcements

Attention all golfers! — is having a contest for the “Worst Golf Shot.” My buddy Jeff Ritter was inspired on his recent Man-cation to Florida when his friend attempted “the most pitiful series of swings in the history of golf.” (That’s hardly an exaggeration.) The winner of the most pathetic swing ever will get his or her swing analyzed by Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher T.J. Tomasi. That’s not all if you’re a WUP reader! The powers-that-be at have agreed to throw in a hat and a subscription to the mag, too.

How do you enter?

Send [] a YouTube link of your most wretched golf shot. You can paste the url in the comments section below, or email it to Please include your name, the name of the person in the video, contact information and the golfer’s hometown.

And of course, mention that you were referred via WUP.

I’d like to see your videos, so feel free to email them to me (, as well. I’ll even throw in a separate prize for the best worst shot if you don’t win the contest. Actually, better idea — new weekly feature, “Best Crappy Swing” (or something like that).

Since I’m asking you to subject yourself to public humiliation, it’s only fair that I share a series of my worst golf shots. To make matters worse, Dallas Mavs point guard Jason Kidd commentated (or more appropriate, made fun of me) through the whole fiasco. This was at TPC Scottsdale in early September (when I lost that bet).

For the record, I made the putt to save bogey and I’ve since fixed my ugly chipping stroke, thanks to a Scratch wedge that actually fits me. Seriously, I can pull off shots around the green now that I couldn’t when I was actually a “good” golfer (and practiced tirelessly).