Woods and Chinese Fans: a Budding Love Story
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Tiger Woods tips his cap to fans on the 9th hole in Round 2 of the HSBC Champions

SI‘s China correspondent reports from Shanghai that Tiger Woods’ interaction and demeanor toward the shutter-happy Chinese friends has totally changed this year. He’s smiling, acknowledging the crowd (even when he bogeys!) and signing lots of autographs.

After the shot, a man shouted, “Great Tiger!” and Tiger smiled and nodded to him.

“He changed a lot this year,” another fan said.

A journalist who followed Tiger on Wednesday said, “He signed dozens of autographs, which was probably more than the total number of autographs he signed the last three times he was here.”

And Tiger had politically correct Tiger-like comments for the Chinese fans:

“I think the fans have certainly become a lot more knowledgeable over the years,” Tiger said. “It’s always fun playing here. People are great. They are very warm, very receptive.”

Here’s this from the UK’s Telegraph, too:

There was, however, the gift of a ball for one spectator, who inadvertently diverted a wayward drive on the ninth to flattened rough. Woods shook his hand and said: “Thanks very much.” It is a start.