Fred Couples Follows His Heart…(to the Couch?)
By Stephanie Wei under General

Freddie: "I wonder how the Seahawks are doing against the Giants..can we speed this up?"

Fred Couples says he’s “done with the regular tour,”’s Mike Walker reports. “Absolutely done.”

The Champions Tour rookie entered some PGA Tour events this season, like the Wyndham Championship, which he almost won it last year. If he “played well and maybe had a shot at winning,” then it’d be neat if Corey Pavin called him to play the Ryder Cup. But Freddie missed the cut, so now, he sure of his decision to focus his energies on the senior tour.

Well, that doesn’t mean he won’t play in the LA Open or the Shell Houston before the Masters. It just depends on the Champions Tour schedule since he’s a full timer. It hasn’t been released, though — not that it matters because “I’ve never worried about a schedule.

“And now I want to play a couple times on our tour, and I’m all worried about it. It kind of bothers me. I don’t know.”

Just Freddie’s career in a nutshell. Wait, so what’s changed? I’m confused. He’s acting laidback and just going with the flow. I’m not too worried about Freddie. He’s the kid playing with a bunch of vets on the Champions Tour. He won four times. He only has to play three rounds and sometimes they let him take a cart! And he even gets to kick up his trendy shoes.

It’s good to be Freddie.

(AP Photo/Eric S. Swist)