Last Week’s WUP Facebook Contest Winner: “Corey Pavin Broke My Heart”
By Stephanie Wei under Announcements

Corey Pavin looks up at the sky, probably praying for his team at the Ryder Cup

If you haven’t joined the WUP Facebook page, you should, especially since I’ll be having more contests for people to win free stuff (and everyone likes free stuff!), along with other content exclusive the page.

Last week I asked readers an admittedly boring and lame question (but look, give me a break, I decided to start simple): “Who is your least favorite (or just favorite) player and why?” Thanks to the 30 readers who participated — well, actually, it was 27 because unfortunately I had to disqualify 3 who didn’t type their answer in the thread (sorry! I liked your answers, too, but it was part of the instructions).

So it was tough to pick just one winner, but after extensive deliberations with the WUP Team, I chose David Alexander, who wrote [sic]:

My favorite golfer actually broke my heart to become my least favorite: Corey Pavin. I came into my own becoming a golfer when I saw him swoosh that 4-wood on the green in ’95 at Shinnecock. From there he broke my heart just like Fredo broke Micheal’s heart in Godfather II. The whole Ryder Cup thing was a disaster. He completely lacks leadership.

First, he has a weird barbque during the PGA Championship to see if certain Captain’s picks would “blend” with the team. Lame. Second, he allowed for the player’s the select who they want to play with. So if Phil wants to play with someone he’s not compatable with you just go along with it? Where’s the leadership on that? Third, he basically allowed his wife to take over the team. I’m a huge vineyard vines loving New England prep, but those outfits were too loud for a team event. Third, did you see the photos of the team arriving at the airport? His wife is iin all the photos holding the trophy! No players, just she and Corey. This is not a sexist comment at all. If Juli Insktar is captain for the next Solhiem Cup it would be out of line for her husband to be in front with the trophy and not the players. I didn’t see Colin Montgomerie’s wife doing that.

This all falls on Corey because he was in charge. He did not have any leadership. Finally, that rain gear situation is unforgivable. Making sure the player’s have proper gear is a captain’s primary responsilbity. Simply put, he failed. Paul Azinger was right for calling him out on that. As an aside, Azinger should be assigned permenant captain because he’s a man that can get the job done. The Ryder Cup is about sportsmanship, national pride and winning. Azinger embodies all three, and he wins. This whole captain’s rotation is obsurd. Put the people in position who you need to win.

Corey broke my heart.

Congrats, David! I thought it was a creative, not to mention well thought-out answer. For the record, David didn’t win just because he wrote a five-page essay. Had he stopped writing after his first paragraph, he still would have won. So no, I don’t favor length and brevity is usually awarded. Anyway, email me ( your address, so I can mail your prize, a baseball autographed by Joe Torre. Hope you’re a fan, but if you’re not, I’m sure you can find someone who is.

Unfortunately I don’t have a prize for the runner-up, but David Mornhingweg deserves a mention for his answer:

Least favorite: Sergio. The crying, the whining (“Tiger gets preferential tee times”), the wasted talent, the stupid Mic Ultra commercials, the fact that he occasionally dresses like a banana. I can’t stand the man.

I’m actually a converted Sergio fan, but Dave makes a good argument.

Thanks again, everyone. Because this was so much fun, I’ll come up with another contest later this week or next week.