Rock, Paper…PLOP! (Someone Get This on YouTube!)
By Stephanie Wei under General

During the third round of the Nationwide Tour Championship, the Golf Channel’s Jerry Foltz tweeted this gem:

I’ve confirmed with Jerry and this really did happen. James Hahn and his caddie Dong Yi, who are good friends, played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine the shot selection. Hahn wanted to lay up, but Yi urged him to go for the green. Who won?

Yi’s scissors beat Hahn’s paper. (Always go with rock in the first hand!) According to Jerry, Hahn begrudgingly pulled a 3-wood and hit a great shot, but it came up just a few yards short and found the water. The two apparently laughed about it and it wasn’t a big deal since Hahn still made par and shot 67.

Jerry said, “It was the most amazing, hilarious thing I’d ever seen.” (And he’s been a commentator for some time now.)

The great moment was captured on Golf Channel’s coverage of the NWT Championship. Um, so, anyone got that on DVR? For some reason, I feel like that’s a fruitless request. But seriously, someone put it on YouTube!

Perhaps we’ll see Phil and Bones, who are known to analyze the be-jee-zus out of every shot, give a game of Rock, Papers, Scissors a shot in China this week.