Rajon Rondo Wears Tiger Woods Costume for Halloween
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

This picture of some Celtics in their Halloween costumes comes courtesy of Paul Pierce’s Twitter feed:

Obviously, Rajon Rondo is Tiger Woods on the left. (And I was just saying the other night how much I love Rondo and wish he were on my NBA Fantasy team…) Kevin Garnett is the guy in the orange (what’s he supposed to be?) and Pierce is the green frog. I’m not sure who the others are, but I’m sure some readers can identify them.

When “Tiger Woods Halloween costume” became a top search to my blog in recent weeks, I had a feeling we’d see a few. This picture was sent in from a reader last year (pre-scandal). And I thought that was offensive! Now I’m waiting for people to send in post-scandal Tiger Woods photos.

Well, it looks like the Celtics had a fun Halloween and big A for effort in regards to costumes. You know what else will be fun? When the Celtics visit the Magic and Tiger watches from his usual courtside seats — you think he might stick a foot out as Rondo jogs by? Kidding.