Monty Cheats Death!
By Conor Nagle under European PGA Tour

The grace, the majesty!

Colin Montgomerie may never have had any luck in the majors (he’s still the best player without one!), but he was more than a little lucky to escape serious injury on Thursday when he was involved in a four-car collision near Glasgow. Though details are still a little sketchy, it seems that a van collided with a truck and two cars, one of which was being driven by the victorious Ryder Cup captain (I know– when will I let it go? NEVER!). Not uncharacteristically, Monty’s account of the accident is a dramatic one:

“I began spinning out of control, I was trapped as the side of the car was compressed and the air bags were holding me back, but the passenger door suddenly opened and I was pulled to safety thanks to other drivers who had witnessed the accident… It was a terrible shock and I am lucky to have come out of it relatively unscathed, thanks I am sure to the car I was driving.”

Believe it or not, Monty is not sponsored by a car manufacturer.

Having plummeted nearly 300 places in the world ranking over the course of his two-year captaincy, Montgomerie has been vocal in recent weeks about his intention to rededicate himself to the game. It’s unclear at the moment if and to what extent that plan faces interruption. Anyway, here’s hoping Monty’s back to being the European Tour’s most engaging interviewee and shooting fidgety photographers The Stare in no time.