Accusations Galore: More Bad Luck for Tiger
By Conor Nagle under PGA Tour

Proof that HGH works: this man is 51 years old!

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that Tiger Woods has had a pretty bad year. Though you could say he “brought this shame on himself,” simple, old-fashioned bad luck has played its part as well. I mean, out of all the doctors, in all the world, he happened to pick the one (allegedly) running a steroid-smuggling operation. Poor, unwitting Tiger.

On Thursday night, a Buffalo federal grand jury decided to indict Dr. Anthony Galea, the man who helped Tiger Woods recuperate following his 2008 knee injury, on five felony counts, including the the alleged smuggling of misbranded or unapproved drugs into the United States and the practice of medicine without a valid license.

Though not identified individually in the indictment, over 20 professional athletes (Woods included, one assumes) who received treatment from Galea could appear as witnesses over the course of the trial.

Galea’s career has not been without prior unfortunate associations. As a member of a group known as ‘Project World Record,’ the 51-year-old spent time working with sprinter Tim Montgomery; he also had  professional contact with former NFL star Bill Romanowski and Marion Jones. In this case, prosecutors allege that Galea conspired to smuggle HGH, the personal use of which he is is himself an advocate, Nutropin (a form of HGH) and Actovegin (a derivative of calf’s blood). He also stands accused of freely distributing Viagra to clients on request.

Galea’s attorney has stood firm, however, claiming that “just because a drug is unapproved by the government doesn’t mean it’s illegal.”

IMG supremo Theodore Forstmann: definitely not on HGH

WAIT! There’s more! The parade of douchebaggery goes on!

Tiger’s manager, Theodore Forstmann, is being sued by a printing company for (word of the day) allegedly using insider information to place bets against his own clients. The suit claims that Forstmann, owner of IMG, used Agate Printing, Inc. as a front for enormously profitable bets against both Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. Speaking to TMZ, Forstmann’s representative did his best Jackie Chiles impersonation, describing the allegations as “beyond false,” “preposterous” and “ludicrous.” Forstmann is also accused of making racially insensitive remarks.