“You’re Born With Your Workout”: Ben Crane Is an Athlete (Update)
By Conor Nagle under General


Life on tour can be pretty demanding, physically and mentally; it’s a lifestyle that requires intense preparation. Team Crane trained a camera on Ben Crane as he put his body through its paces and developed all the skills he needs to stay in the Now, in the middle of the Now.

[Ed. note: Thanks to Reader Bryan for spotting this downright amazing video. Who knew Ben Crane was so darn funny?)

*Update: Golf Digest‘s Matty G tracked down Crane and got the story behind the video spoof, which was basically to knock down his boring image (I think they forgot playing really, really slow, too. Well, baby steps, right?)

“If the image of tour players is X, my image is X times two,” says Crane. “I’m serious about my relationship with Christ, walking with Jesus, my wife, my family and I play slow, but ask people close to me, they’ll tell you there’s more to me than just that.”

Crane says his mini-production team took a day in May for the shoot, and then sat on the release of the video for a few months, until they were able to show it to Crane’s sponsors. “Sam and I make a perfect team,” says Crane. “He’s creative and very good at what he does; I have a rock-solid image of being boring.”