WUP Bounty: Identify Cigar Man!
By Merf under Announcements

The Daily Mail’s Mark Pain took this iconic photo, but now the manhunt is on. Who is this guy? Is he making a goofy-looking tribute to Miguel Angel Jimenez? (He’s not wearing a turban — it’s a red-haired wig with a pony tail.) Is it Sacha Baron Cohen working on his new character Afzal, a “muslim pansexual transvestite sports professional?” Some guessed that it was Rob Schneider researching a role for “Happy Gilmore 2” but apparently he was at the Giants-Padres game in San Francisco on Saturday.

BeFrugal Blog is offering $1,000 for Cigar Guy’s identity. How can we top that? Hmmm…maybe some bikini shots from Stephanie’s vacation? Give us your guesses below, or better yet, if you actually know how we can track Cigar Guy down, please send tips to steph.wei@gmail.com. LET’S FIND HIM.