Cigar Guy Races Centaurs, Rides Kangaroos Across Alaska
By Merf under Humor

Sports Illustrated’s Press Tent led me to my new ringtone/this rap about Cigar Guy, who is becoming almost as ridiculous as Direct TV’s opulent Gregor kissing his miniature giraffe. If anything becomes of our fascination with Cigar Guy, I hope more Sacha Baron Cohen wannabes sprinkle Tiger Woods galleries in every tournament he plays. (Hint: he plays in Thailand next month.)

I do feel that Cigar Guy is overshadowing a very underrated aspect of the original photo. I personally find the troll kid just to the left of Woods even more humorous. SPORTSbyBROOKS blew up the photo earlier this week:

Could we have ever predicted a year ago how fun it would be to google image “Tiger Woods?” Things just keep getting stranger. Here’s one of my favorite Cigar Guy photoshop jobs: Cigar Guy as Steve Bartman.

Photoshop contest! Feel free to share your favorite Cigar Guy photos below…

(Beatles Cigar Guy photo)