Aloha From Maui!
By Stephanie Wei under Wei Goes Golfing

Kapalua's Plantation Course (no, I haven't played yet)

I understand if you want to throw stuff at me and call me names and I know I’m (already) rubbing it in, so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum (at least for the duration of the trip). As you may have noticed, Merf was posting yesterday. Well, he’ll be with you all week! (Thanks, Merf! You’re awesome.)

I’m taking my first “real” vacation since…umm…well, basically, since I started the site a year and a half ago and the most consecutive days I’ve taken off is three. So, take that into consideration before you get your panties in a bunch. Plus, blogging is generally a thankless job — besides all the nice (and hate) emails, lovely people I’ve met, great golf I’ve played and opportunities to do what I love — so I’m pretty lucky.

Anyway, with the golf season over (sorta), the whole point of this trip was to take a break from the darn computer, but apparently that’s very difficult. I must have caught Fall Series Fever! Anyone else sitting on the edge of their seats to see who makes it in the Top 125 of the money list?! Oh, you too? Phew.

Actually, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t go to the Dunhill, especially after my friend James sent me this picture:

No. 18 at Kingsbarns just after sunrise on Thursday

I know, I’m seriously sick. But St. Andrews is the greatest place ever. You know where else isn’t bad, either? Maui. I’ve got a great day ahead of me — probably hang out at one of the pools, hit up the beach and then hit some balls at the Academy…after I finish one more post.

Oh, and thanks to all for a truly amazing year. (Yes, I know it’s not over, so I won’t get overly sappy yet.)