Tiger and Phil Make Great Partners in Another Sport
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

Throughout the Ryder Cup, the Europeans shared behind-the-scenes tidbits and pictures with us via Twitter. (All hail to the Majestic Monty for trusting the players to use their best judgment and not reveal top-secret team secrets!) Rory McIlroy shared this shot of America’s favorite golfing frenemies, with the caption, “Tiger and phil beating everyone at table tennis last night!” via his Twitter feed:

Tiger and Phil, Ping-Pong Pals

So you see, while the two are awful partners in the Ryder Cup, they are awesome at ping pong doubles! I can’t tell who they’re playing (beating), but the guy on the right looks like Edoardo Molinari.

Little Mac wasn’t done, though. He also tweeted, “What a week!! Think I’m still drunk! Jaegerbombs out of the Ryder cup! Great banter with euros and Americans last night!”

Rory, please never stop being you (candid, open, awesome, etc. — or just having a personality).

Meanwhile, Graeme McDowell, who shared pics of him partying with the US Open trophy, helped with another tradition — drinking out of the Ryder Cup, as many have before him.

Big Mac tweeted, “Can I just say one thing………..wow!!!!!” and “This pic should just about cover it!!!”

And finally, Ian Poulter posts some videos of the European team’s early post-Ryder Cup celebratory festivities.