Camilo Captured in Spiderman Pose Like You’ve Never Seen Before
By Stephanie Wei under General

Camilo Villegas nude on ESPN The Mag's "Body Issue" cover

Remember the first annual issue of ESPN The Mag’s “Body Issue” that included a trio of hot LPGA golfers? Well, in this year’s edition, Camilo Villegas stripped down for one of the five covers. Darren Rovell tweeted the photo for our first look. For some reason, I don’t think the guys are going to react as enthusiastically to this year’s chosen golfer, but the ladies might. We certainly know Camilo isn’t afraid to flaunt his body — as you may recall, he tweeted a shot of him in his skivvies after a workout last summer.

Some of you probably don’t want to look too closely, but it’s unbelievable he can turn his right leg to that degree. At first, I thought something looked odd and dismissed it as a photoshop goof before realizing it was his foot!