The Now-Famous Tiger Woods and Cigar Face Man Picture
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

Tiger duffs his chip by the 18th green and the ball hits the cameraman

As you may remember, Tiger Woods, paired with Steve Stricker, fluffed a chip on the final hole in the fourball match against Ian Poulter and Ross Fisher on Saturday morning of the Ryder Cup. (Woods and Stricker ended up winning, largely thanks to Stricker.) Apparently, photographer Mark Pain was in the right place at the right time (or wrong place at the right time), snapping an absolutely priceless picture right before Tiger’s ball hit the camera and then bounced off Pain’s chest. (A little ironic the photog’s name is pain, eh?)

Now, everybody’s face is pretty awesome in the picture, but the man with the cigar’s is especially captivating. Just see the other photoshopped versions of the photo circulating around the interwebs.

"Awesome Face" (via photojournalist.tumblr.com)

Cigar Man on everyone's face

Photo-booth style: The original Tiger Face shot to close-ups to Cigar Face everywhere

[Original photo by Mark Pain/Daily Mail]