RainGearGate Update: Sun Mountain, Gore-Tex Release Statements
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

The damage was already done, but Sun Mountain, the provider of the faulty American rain suits, released a statement:

Sun Mountain has been designing and selling outerwear for more than two decades. We have provided rainwear to 3,000-plus PGA of America Professionals and over 150 tour players, and supplied outerwear to numerous U.S. teams, including the Walker Cup and the 2000 and 2009 Presidents Cup teams. Sun Mountain has staff on the ground at the Ryder Cup working in conjunction with the PGA of America on this issue.

According to PGA of America spokesman Julius Mason, the choice of Sun Mountain gear was Pavin’s, not the PGA’s.

Sources inside Sun Mountain apparently grumbled that the leakage was caused by the request to meet the “elaborate stitching” design request from the US team, otherwise known as Captainess, Lisa Pavin, who was apparently responsible for selecting the uniforms.

Meanwhile, out of nowhere, Gore-Tex released a statement to make sure that everyone knew they had long discontinued their relationship with Sun Mountain.

In response to news reports at the Ryder Cup regarding the malfunction of the U.S. Team’s rainwear, W.L. Gore & Associates today issued the following statement:

“It’s unfortunate that the U.S. team at the Ryder Cup was not wearing uniforms with the GORE-TEX® brand, especially if the faulty gear ultimately interfered with performance,” said Yvonne Erickson, marketing leader at W.L. Gore & Associates. “Gore has rigorous uncompromising standards in place to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, to back up our Guaranteed to Keep you Dry® promise to consumers. Gore and Sun Mountain Sports parted ways in 2006 and, therefore, GORE-TEX® brand technology was not used in the rain jackets and pants worn by the U.S. team this morning. We hope that the U.S. Ryder Cup Team will be wearing uniforms with GORE-TEX® product technology in the future.”

Ouchie! And keeping in the spirit of a day filled with hilarious wardrobe malfunctions, Club Glove received an emergency order to outfit American players and caddies with its travel gear.

That basically sums up Day 1 of the Ryder Cup. Oh, in case you were wondering, here are how the matches stand going into Saturday morning:

Match 1: Europe 1-up through 12.
Match 2: US 2-up through 11.
Match 3: All Square through 10.
Match 4: US 1-up through 8.