Tiger Has an Eye for Talent
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

Katherine Jenkins peforms in the Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony as Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar watch from behind

Thanks to Conor for spotting this gem. I’m sure it’s the angle that the picture was taken, so it may just look like Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar’s eyes are gawking at Jenkins. I mean, maybe they are. After all, she was singing. You’ve gotta love the UK tabloid rags, though — the Daily Mail Online reports:

You’d have thought that Tiger Woods would be on his best behaviour at the Ryder Cup this week, especially after the headlines he made this year.

But it would seem that the golfer just can’t keep that roving eye still in his head, as this picture taken at the Ryder Cup opening ceremony proves.

Woods, 34, was caught staring at Katherine Jenkins’s bottom as she performed at the opening ceremony of the tournament, which is taking place in her native Wales for the very first time.

Uh-oh. Here comes the relapse! Is this Monty’s attempt to mess with Tiger?

Yeah, cheap shot, but this calls for a caption contest. Drop ’em below.

[Photo via Mail Online]