U.S. Team Wins the Removing-Uniforms-in Unison Competition
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

Hunter Mahan, Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk strip off their sweaters

We received a preview of the American Ryder Cup uniforms the other week, but on Tuesday’s practice day, we finally got to see the guys sport one of the outfits. The team posed for pictures wearing a cream sweater with a picture of the Ryder Cup trophy on the front. You know, in case they forgot what they’re playing for.

Last week at the Tour Championship, I caught up with Hunter Mahan, Zach Johnson, Jim Furyk and Bubba Watson and asked for their initial thoughts on the preppy unis. (Mahan was the only one who admitted to checking them out on the Internet.)

HUNTER MAHAN: “Yeah, I saw them online. I think they’ll look better on some than others. I think I can pull it off. I think the young guys can pull it off. I think Tiger is going to look at it and — it may limit his sweater options, but it’s different, it’s kind of old school. It’s kind of interesting and it’s not red, white and blue, so hopefully we don’t look like Euros.”

ZACH JOHNSON: “I like the prep look. I was voted preppiest whatever kid or classmate when I graduated from high school.”

JIM FURYK: “There are 12 guys and they all have different fashion sense. You’ve got the young guys who are a little more into the skateboard look. We have a little bit of an old guy classic look. We’ve got Phil wearing $3,000 pair of shoes that have been stolen [at the BMW Championship in Chicago]. I’m just trying to poke fun.

You have an array so trying to tie everyone up in one fashion style is probably difficult. I never complain about the Ryder Cup clothing because I’m proud to wear it. There are lot of other guys that would like to be us and be over there playing in that clothing, so I feel a little awkward ever complaining about it because I’m proud to be on the team. I’m proud to represent my country and I’d go wear sweatpants over there just to play in the Ryder Cup.”

BUBBA WATSON: “I think they’re good. They went for an old school look. I can pull off anything. Look at me. I mean, I look good. If we win, I don’t care what the outfit looks like. I haven’t really seen them all, so I don’t know what to expect. Who cares what outfits look like, as long as we win.”

Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson Matt Kuchar and Jim Furyk pose with Corey Pavin and the Ryder Cup (and remind Pavin how short he is).

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