No WAG for Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

Team USA arrives in Wales, the players pose with their wives and girlfriends.

At the 2007 Presidents Cup in Montreal when Hunter Mahan was the only player on the American team without a date, his teammates’ wives pulled some pranks on him. After the first day of matches, one of the women called Mahan and said, “Hey there’s someone who wants to meet you.”

“They brought a [Barbie] doll,” said Mahan last Wednesday at the Tour Championship. “The girls all got together and did it. Amy [Mickelson] would send me texts that said, ‘They missed out out there,’ or something like that. They played pranks on me all week.”

At this year’s Ryder Cup, Mahan has a date for the first time at a team match — his fiancee Kandi Harris — but there’s one player on the American side who is blatantly missing a date.

The arrival of the US team and a single (as far as we know) Tiger Woods was hard to miss on Monday morning in Wales. Phil Mickelson also was without his other half Amy, but she plans on joining the team later this week. Meanwhile, Steve Stricker, who is predicted to be Tiger’s playing partner, will not have a date either. His wife Nicki called him in tears on last Saturday because her grandmother just broke her hip and her mother was supposed to watch the kids.

Wives and girlfriends have become very visible at the team matches — it’s the one week out of the year where the women get almost as much camera time as their husbands.

Will Tiger get the same treatment as Mahan in ’07?

“Noooo,” said Mahan. “We’re going to leave that one alone.”

Not to worry. The UK tabloids will hound the single Tiger any chance they get.

[Photo by Getty Images Europe]