Mr. and Mrs. Lisa Pavin Defend Sultry Mag Shoot
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

The Captainess on the cover of the September Issue of Avid Golfer

I know that this month’s issue of Avid Golfer even caught the attention of Dallas residents who loathe golf (well, at least one that I know of). “I saw a really hot chick on the cover of…A…what’s that magazine called?” my friend asked. Apparently, he snatched the magazine, but quickly lost interest after a quick flip-through. Which is exactly what Lisa Pavin assumed many were doing! Via Robert Lusetich of Fox Sports:

“That (photograph) was very important to me — that’s why I hired my own photographer to do it because I wanted it to be tasteful,” she says. “And, look, the PGA knew about it; it was OK with them.

“If people were to actually read the article, they’d see it’s about the inside of Lisa Pavin, which has never been written about before because I don’t sit down and do interviews. I’ve turned down so many different types of interviews because that’s just not me.

“My role is only to help Corey, to step in wherever he needs me to step in.”

As you may recall, at the PGA Championship, Lisa was ready to take down Jim Gray when he confronted Captain Corey Pavin after a media conference. Well, this time it was the Captain’s turn to defend the Captainess.

“It’s much ado about nothing,” he says.

“A lot’s been said about that photograph, but to me, I thought it was done in great taste. I thought it was a beautiful picture and she’s a beautiful woman and I’m lucky to have her as my wife.”

“She loves the Ryder Cup because I love the Ryder Cup,” he says.

“She’s taking my passion for it for herself. We have the same goal in mind. We want to make this a great Ryder Cup for Team USA. She’s trying to enable my dreams and aspirations as team captain and she’s doing a really, really good job.”

Well, the uniforms look really, really good, and she’s probably one of the more interesting personalities on Team USA. But I’m not sure the Pavins will enjoy the same attention from the UK tabloids awaiting them in Wales next week!