US Ryder Cup Unis Revealed: Back to Prep School
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

By now, some of you have seen the lavender — excuse me, “cornflower” — cardigan look (see below) that the Americans will wear in the Saturday matches. On September 19th, photos of the outfits for the practice rounds (see above) and Sunday were also revealed to the public.

Golf Digest‘s style expert, Marty Hackel, waxed lyrical about the “historically respectful, classic but modern collection using current materials” that Lisa Pavin (better known to some as Captainess) collaborated on with designers Peter Millar and Hickey Freeman. The uniforms were inspired by iconic golfers of the past, like Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson.

While it’s tough for me to envision just about any of the players in the purple cardigan, I personally like the uniforms. The cardigan look reminds me of Graeme McDowell at Pebble Beach — I’m pretty sure he wore some rendition of that look. Also, as the headline suggests, the unis resemble photos I’ve seen of my friends in their New England boarding school garb. Ralph Lauren menswear comes to mind, as well.

I’m doing my best not to ROFL when I picture Tiger, Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson in any of these outfits. So not their style! Basically, you’re taking a mostly Southern redneck team and putting them into preppy New England WASP uniforms — which I’m all for. I mean, these threads are much more stylish than what you’d catch any of the guys picking out on their own, but which Americans will be able to pull them off? At least we’ve got a quite a few young guys, who are, for the most part, fit.

According to Hackel, “Rather than a classic gray, a marvelous brown fabric has been selected as the color for the Opening Ceremony suits. The camel blazers that the players will wear getting off the plane will make them look like college professors.”

Okay, so I love Opening Ceremony. Thing is, the only guys I know who wear it are my gay friends in the NYC fashion industry. That said, they obviously have fabulous style.

(I’m assuming that the Captainess was aware of the brown suit debacle from 2006.)

The black outfit above is for the Sunday singles matches. It’s definitely refreshing from the usual all red, white and blue get-ups that are meant to embody the spirit of Team America. Plus, for once, the Americans won’t look like your everyday golfer. In fact, they might look more Euro than Team Europe! And yes, that’s a compliment.

Then again, does it really matter what the guys wear? They’re playing in Wales in October. Now I’ve heard it’s beautiful that time of the year, but chances are their Sun Mountain rain suits will be getting most the airtime.

Most important, let’s all take a moment and be thankful the Captainess has more taste than Mrs. Crenshaw.