Lean, Healthy Westwood Ready for Ryder Cup, Iditarod, Ironman Triathlon
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

Speaking to reporters from a charity event hosted by Darren Clarke and Ian Botham on Monday, Lee Westwood insisted he was healthy and ready to play in next week’s Ryder Cup matches in Wales. Hear that Monty? Westy has “no worries at all” about his health. He surpassed his milestone from last week, where he walked 14 holes in his first round back after nursing the injured calf that sidelined him for six weeks, and he made it through all 18 holes with no pain!

Via SkySports:

“Well if the Ryder Cup was this week I’d be playing, so that’s good news, but I’m just trying to edge my way into it gradually,” he said. “I don’t want any flare-ups, I’m still cautious about it, but I’ve no problem with it now – no pain for about three or four weeks.

“I’ve been hitting balls for about a week now pretty intensively and it feels good, better than when I did the injury back in June time. I’m still doing the gym work and the strengthening around it because I want to play a full schedule after the Ryder Cup. It’s not just about getting fit for the Ryder Cup because I want to have a few more goals after that’s all done and dusted.

“I feel very physically strong, I’ve been doing a lot of gym work and have lost a few pounds.

“It’s a case of just sharpening my game up now, which is probably going to be the last thing to come back because I haven’t played that much golf. I’m experienced enough to have had big breaks before and come straight back and played well so I don’t see it as any problem at all and with it being match play as well, that’s different to stroke play.”

Wait, did he just say his game will be the last thing to come back? Oh, he means his full game since he’s playing rusty. Good thing it’s match play!

Next test for Westy? Well, he’s gotta get through another 18 in a grueling charity event on Tuesday. But he also plans to play 36 holes on Friday.

With Westwood healthy, Paul Casey and Justin Rose won’t have to deal with the potential for another disappointing phone call from Captain Monty, who is surely relieved he doesn’t have to deal with making the tough decision.