Yale Golf Course Just Earned Its Degree
By Stephanie Wei under General

Everyone knows Yale is one of the best universities in the country, but did you know it boasts one of the best golf courses, too? As a proud alumna of Yale and the women’s golf team, I did. And I’m happy to see that the Course at Yale was named No. 1 on Golfweek‘s Best Campus Courses list. That’s a good selling point for the coaches to attract recruits and perhaps the course will receive the funding that it needs and deserves.

Actually, sometimes I’m surprised how often Yale’s track gets brought up when I meet someone in the industry and they find out I went to Yale. “You had a great golf course!” they exclaim.

It’s a more than fantastic, difficult layout, but it’s not treated and kept up like it should because it’s owned by the university and there are budget restraints, Honestly, it’s practically a crime that such a great course is left in such poor condition.

Since my days at Yale, I’ve heard there’s been an effort to improve the conditions, and they have in fact gotten better. Someone recently told me it took a toll this summer and is in terrible shape at the moment. But no doubt the amazing layout compensates for the less-than-ideal conditions. A course architect guru and fellow blogger once told me he believed Yale would be a top-20 course if you go by the original design.

My favorite holes? I’m not sure I have a “favorite” because those were probably the easier ones. The 8th, 10th and 13th still give me nightmares. Even though the 18th haunts people, I never had a big problem with it because somehow in the hundreds of rounds I played, I managed to steer clear of getting myself into trouble. Thing is, the course is visually intimidating because of all the blind shots, and on the holes that look straightforward (like the 8th and 13th), that’s usually a catch.

I haven’t played there in like 6 years, which is a shame. I really have no excuse since I get a discount as an alumna and it’s right up the road on 95. There’s still time before the weather gets crappy, though!