Poulter Goes Penal on Miller
By Stephanie Wei under General

The latest in the Poulter vs. Miller battle — actually, check that because Poulter is the one tweeting about it because apparently he’s still hung up over Miller declaring he’s a poor ballstriker. On Tuesday Poults tweeted, “Johnny Miller choke on this” with a link to the European GIR stats, which reveal that he’s ranked first at 75.9%. So yeah, take that, Johnny!

But, you see, this number is deceiving because it’s only based on 12 rounds. When you check out his PGA Tour GIR percentage, it’s less impressive — Poulter has hit 64.7% of greens in 49 rounds and ranked 171st.

/rolling eyes

Now this isn’t a matter of whether Poulter is a good or bad ballstriker. He’s obviously good enough to be one of the best players in the world (even though Miller was speaking relative to others on tour). That said, is he seriously that upset over what one commentator thinks? Sheesh, who knew golfers were so sensitive?!