Ian Poulter Not Amused by (Gag) Gift From Johnny Miller (Update)
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

The squabble between NBC commentator Johnny Miller and brightly dressed Brit Ian Poulter has escalated.

Now we all know Miller doesn’t mince words. Chances are if you tune in for a Miller broadcast sesh, he’ll find a way to remind viewers that he once shot 63 in the closing round of the US Open at Oakmont, like forty years ago (’73 to be precise and it remains the lowest score in major championship history). Last week at the BMW Championship, Miller declared that Ian Poulter was a poor ballstriker.

Well, someone conveyed what was said on the broadcast and a ticked-off Poulter retorted on Twitter, saying, “Johnny Miller saying today I wasn’t a good ballstriker. I guess I do alright for a duffer then. He talks such bollocks at times” and “I will have to try and win a couple of majors like him and see if I can change his mind until then I’m happy being an overrated duffer.” Here now, is Miller’s reply.

Honestly! Poulter tweeted: Johnny miller sent me this hat, hit more greens, 63 oakmont. well done Johnny. your a comedian not..” (with a link to the picture).

I have to give credit to Miller — well played. I mean, that’s so classic, it’s funny. Those crazy golf announcers!

So, what’s the scoreboard looking like? By my count, Miller: 2, Poulter, 0. Faxon wins.

Update: I knew Miller wasn’t cool enough to have a self-deprecating sense of humor!