Lisa Pavin Wants to Be a (Ryder Cup) Trophy Wife
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

In case you’ve been concerned, I didn’t jump off my roof after reading the profile of Lisa Pavin in this month’s Avid Golfer — rather I’ve been enjoying some R&R. I stayed in from Fashion’s Night Out this Friday evening to catch up on my neglected blog, and more important, a closer study of the lengthy article on the Captainess.

The outgoing and fiery wife of Captain Corey Pavin, Lisa, ain’t your average tour wife:

From designing team clothing to planning out gala events to just taking care of things at home so her husband can play his best golf, Lisa has done a tremendous amount of work leading up to the biennial tussle between the U.S. and Europe. And who knows, if Team USA arrives at Celtic Manor before the first round matches hands locked with Captain Corey in front, we know whom he got that idea from.

“I want to win the Cup more than anything,” Lisa said. “That’s all life has been about lately, the Ryder Cup.”

So much so that Lisa has earned the nickname “Captainess,” which actually appears on one of her e-mail accounts. It’s a name that she has endeared ever since her husband was named captain of the 2010 team nearly two years ago. Not only is she Captain Corey’s bride and mother of their beautiful daughter, Alexis, Lisa is also his personal assistant, his staunchest defender and his best friend.

“I am very passionate about everything I do,” she said. “If I choose to do something I’m going to go full force. This [the Ryder Cup] is my passion; this is my husband’s dream. At the end of the day when your husband has this dream you are going to do everything you can to make his dream come true.”

Lisa is also known to pull all-nighters — sometimes twice a week. And it’s not just about the clothes.

“I want this position to stand out. And I want to help the PGA brand the Ryder Cup to another level. To another market. To another niche. I think that’s where my business mind comes in.

“It’s not just about clothes; people think my job only involves clothing. I’m thinking how to take the PGA of America to other people who wouldn’t normally be interested. That’s just my business mind working versus doing the usual responsibilities that a wife does. We’ll see if it works.”

Not only did Lisa pick out the clothes for the team members and their wives, she also took care of the team gifts, daily menus, team room and clubhouse decor. In fact, according to Avid Golfer, she even wants to make sure each player’s and caddie’s rooms are tailored specifically for them.

“When the Ryder Cup is over, I want the PGA of America to remember the positive ideas and inputs, and hopefully, they have something to remember me by,” she said. “I want the Ryder Cup to keep getting better and better. I want to see that brand grow.

“I’ve learned to live with this motto, ‘When I die what do I want on my tombstone?’” I don’t want to be known as the Tour wife; I want to be remembered as someone who was very family oriented, but also very passionate and driven.”

Hey, someone’s gotta do the dirty work. I don’t think the Captainess has to worry about being remembered.

Aside: According to a tour wife I spoke with last week, each player’s wife (girlfriend) gets a $7,500 budget to pick out a dress for the gala. Not bad, eh? And I thought the Ryder Cup was all about the love of the game!