Jim Furyk Can Oversleep on Wednesdays for the Remainder of the Season
By Stephanie Wei under FedEx Cup

Jason Kidd is an excellent human being, an incredible athlete and an even better golfer.

It’s a week too late for Jim Furyk, who was considered ineligible to play The Barclays because he overslept and missed his pro-am tee time by five minutes. Given the blaring outcry, particularly from Phil Mickelson, the PGA Tour has suspended the regulation for the remainder of the 2010 season.

If a player is late for his pro-am starting time, instead of being DQ’d, he will be subject to punishment under “unbecoming conduct.” The player will be required to play in the remainder of the pro-am round and may be required to perform additional sponsor activity. But if a player misses the pro-am entirely, then he will be ruled ineligible for the tournament unless he’s been excused under the provisions allowed.

Furyk, who was ranked third in FedEx Cup points, slipped to 8th at the conclusion of The Barclays.

“I am glad the PGA Tour has changed the rule surrounding my disqualification from last week’s Barclays Championship,” Furyk said in a statement distributed by the Tour at TPC Boston.

Tour commissioner Tim Finchem has asked the Player Advisory Council and Player Directors to review the current pro-am policy to work out other possibilities to ensure that players honor their pro-am requirement without putting them at risk of disqualification. The issue will be discussed at the meeting in November.

Why the sudden change in midst of the FedEx Cup and near the end of the season when players have been disqualified from events in the past for breaking the same rule? Furyk unintentionally became a martyr for the cause with his high ranking in FedEx Cup points in the race for the $10 million prize, not to mention he’s the No. 6 ranked player in the world. And Mickelson’s strong objections (calling the rule “ridiculous”) certainly didn’t hurt either.