Charlotte in August? Get Ready to Sweat.
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

Remember back in May when there was all that fuss over the Quail Hollow Championship being golf’s mythical fifth major? Well, apparently there was something to the chatter — the club has been rewarded the 2017 PGA Championship, according to the Associated Press.

Via the report:

A state government official with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press on Monday that the PGA of America will make a formal announcement on Tuesday. The official spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to pre-empt the official announcement.

Quail Hollow’s difficult but fair old-style layout has drawn one of the top non-major fields of the year. Tiger Woods, who won there in 2007, chose Charlotte as his first non-major tournament after he missed much of the beginning of this season when his extramarital affairs were exposed.

While Woods missed the cut, he said a year earlier that Quail Hollow would be a good spot for a U.S. Open or PGA Championship.

“You add rough, make it a par-70 and there you go,” he said.

But remember what Phil Mickelson said about those terrible greens?

For as beautifully designed as this golf course is tee to green, the greens are by far the worst designed greens we play on tour. Even though they’re in immaculate shape, I would say that 18 would be the worst green that we have on tour, except that it’s not even the worst on this golf course; 12 is.

Goofy greens? Sounds perfect for the PGA! (Oh, relax, I’m kidding.) The more glaring problem will be the condition of the greens in balmy Charlotte. Due to the heat, the greens can’t survive with any heat, so they’ll be slow and the tour players will tear the place up.
It’s seven years away, but start hydrating now. Because as one friend noted, “August in Charlotte? I’d rather stick my head in an oven.”