Tiger Woods and Marshal Lure
By Stephanie Wei under FedEx Cup

Whenever you’re paired with Tiger Woods, it’s a given you’ll have to to deal with the chaos and added distractions of the Tiger Woods Fan Club.

So do the guys playing on holes adjacent to Tiger.

When Tiger’s group was on the fourth green at Ridgewood on Friday, Steve Stricker and Ernie Els were on the tee of the adjacent ninth hole. The marshals were ogling over Tiger and wandered into the line of sight of the players teeing off the ninth. “Hey, marshals!” someone from the tee yelled. The embarrassed marshals quickly scurried into the crowd.

As the twosome walked past the cluster of marshals, their caddies barked, “Pay attention!”  Els, who was understandably peeved, scowled and snapped, “There are other groups on the f$%^*g golf course.”

Hey, marshals, it doesn’t feel very good to get yelled at, huh?