Mann Not a Fan of Koreans Either
By Stephanie Wei under General

SPORTSbyBROOKS has unearthed more controversial comments from World Golf Hall of Fame Ambassador Carol Mann in 2009 over the LPGA’s English-only controversy:

In 2009 now-fired LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens enacted a rule on tour that forced Korean players to learn english or face a suspension.

Here was Mann’s reaction to Fox Sports:

“I have friends who will turn the TV off or find other things to watch if Koreans are in the lead — a couple of weeks ago, there were seven or eight of them. (The LPGA) has to protect the business of the future and the television package … so I think it is terrific.”

So Mann’s “friends” predicate their viewing habits on whether or not a golfer can speak English? Is referring Korean players as, “seven or eight of them“, appropriate coming from one of only three “ambassadors” for the World Golf Hall of Fame and the 2008 winner of the PGA’s “First Lady of Golf”?

And earlier on Friday, a few readers emailed me saying Mann had deleted the post on Facebook. When I checked in the evening, she had applied privacy settings to her Wall (which may have prevented this in the first place…).