“Go Away — Soon!” Says Important Golf Person to Ground Zero Mosque Supporters
By Stephanie Wei under General

A reader brought to my attention a post that Carol Mann, former LPGA star and special ambassador to the World Golf Hall of Fame, wrote on her public Facebook page last week. Here’s the screen grab:

Mann had joined the Being Conservative Page’s “No Mosque at Ground Zero” cause on Facebook and she added her opinion on the matter:

I am against the Muslim worship center at Ground Zero because it’s too much of a flagrant demonstration of our own “tolerance” out of control. I do not believe the Muslims are children of the God I know, the one who sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, to provide forgiveness and salvation for us without earning it by “works….” All we have to do is believe in Christ and we gain His Kingdom. The United States is a Christian country, founded on Christian principles and with an expectation of Christian behavior. Let the Muslims erect their worship centers in other countries that are not Christian. Go away – soon!

Mann is certainly entitled to her own opinion (as is everyone). But it seems rather extraordinary that an ambassador of the World Golf Hall of Fame, which is supported by all of the world’s major golf organizations, including the the Asian Tour, the European Tour, Golf Writer’s Association of America, International Assoc. of Golf Administrators, Japan Golf Tour Organization, LPGA, PGA of America, PGA Tour, The R&A and the USGA, would carry such a view. What’s more, it’s posted on her public Facebook page — meaning it’s available to anyone — not just Mann’s “friends.”

And what does the World Golf Hall of Fame think about one of its three special ambassador’s stance?

“It’s Carol Mann’s personal website, so we’re not going to comment,” Jack Peter, the Hall of Fame’s Chief Operating Officer, told this site in a phone interview.