The Erica Blasberg 911 Call (Audio)
By Stephanie Wei under LPGA

It’s a tough and unfortunate news day. LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg’s death was ruled a suicide in a statement released by the Henderson Police. Dr. Thomas Hess, whose relationship with Erica is unclear, was brought on charges for obstruction of justice on Tuesday. He also was the one to find Erica and make the 911 call.

Here’s the audio of the 911 call Dr. Thomas Hess made. Click on the link below (and then again when it brings you to another page) if you wish to listen to the audio, but this is my disclaimer — sad is really the only word to describe this tragedy. The transcript is after the jump.

Erica Blasberg 911 Call Placed by Dr. Thomas Hess

And here’s the transcript:

911 Operator: What is the location of your emergency?
Dr. Thomas Hess: [Redacted]

What’s going on there?
I need to report a suicide.

By whom, sir?
The girl that lives here.

Tell me exactly what happened.
I came back to check on her last night. She had a couple of drinks, was sad. I came to check on her now and she’s dead.

How did she kill herself?
She put a bag on her head.

Are there any weapons there?

What’s your name?
Thomas Hess

How did you know her?
I knew her from the golf club.

Is there anyone else who lives with her?
No, she lives by herself.

Are you sure she’s beyond any help?
I’m a doctor. (Goddamnit under his breath)

What exactly happened last night that you were worried about her?
I had talked to her the day before [yesterday] and we stopped by, we had a drink. I had to go…she had to go…I called her — well, yesterday she was supposed to be leaving to go to a golf tournament and she didn’t go. She picked up the phone and she sounded intoxicated at that time.

/Call gets disconnected

So you said Erica was intoxicated last night?

Did she say she was going to kill herself?

Has she been depressed? Did she say anything to you at all?

No, nothing like that.

And you said no one else lives there with her?

Are there any pets or animals there, sir?
No ma’am.

You were concerned about her and that’s why you came over?

So what was it that brought you here this morning?
I just wanted to make sure she was doing OK. No — this morning — no, I came by just now.

And what’s her name?
Erica Blasberg.

We’re sending help to assist you. Is there anything else we can assist you with? Just stand outside and wait for our officers to arrive. And try not to touch anything.


Dr. Hess did not follow the operator’s instructions. He left the scene and removed the suicide note and medications from her house — which complicated the case and resulted in a full-blown investigation. While Dr. Hess was forthcoming (yet naturally flustered and shocked) in the 911 call, afterward he admitted to altering the scene and stopped cooperating. Police issued an arrest warrant for him on Tuesday on charges of obstruction to justice. But no foul play is suspected.