Surprise! Daly’s Injured “Rotator Cup” Feeling Good Enough to Play Wyndham
By Stephanie Wei under General

Less than three days after John Daly withdrew from the PGA Championship due to a shoulder injury — possibly a torn rotator cuff, according to his Twitter feed — he tweeted that he’d been cleared by his doctor to play in this week’s Wyndham Championship. Turned out his shoulder was “strained,” but on Saturday he said he was day-to-day.

He arrived in Greensboro on Tuesday morning. Gosh, that’s one speedy recovery for a guy who’s endured so much wear and tear. Anyone shocked? Other than the commenters that yelled at me.

Get me the number of this Doc Whitelaw!

(Hats off to Intern Kevin who called it — on Friday night he said in all seriousness that he expected Daly to show up Thursday in Greensboro healthy as an ox. Intern Kevin will be attending the Wyndham and will be the guy heckling JD on the first tee. /kidding)