Stevie Shoots Down “Media Speculation” of Split With Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

The lede in the Associated Press story on Steve Williams and Tiger Woods’ relationship:

New Zealander Steve Williams doesn’t believe his job as Tiger Woods’ caddie is under any threat, despite media speculation about their 11-year association and concern over the champion golfer’s form.

But don’t believe those nasty rumors the press spreads, Stevie and Tiger are gonna be alright.

“I’m sure if there was going to be some sort of parting of the ways, I’d be the first to know,” he said. “From my point of view, I don’t see any chance of that happening.”

“People speculate. He’s not playing well and his results aren’t what we’re used to,” Williams said in the radio interview. “Tiger and I are very good friends and we’ve been through a tough time, there’s no question about that.

“I’m fully supportive of the guy and he’s been great through this whole situation with me.”

I thought Stevie had no idea about Tiger’s secret life, and if he had, he would have blown the whistle on his friend and boss, though. Just saying.

Stevie approves of Tiger’s new swing coach. “He hasn’t decided if that’s the coach who’s going to be with him, but I really like what this new guy had to say and what his theories are,” Williams said. “If Tiger decides to stick with Sean, I believe he’ll get better. It might take a little while.”

Stevie and Tiger seemed chummy last week at the PGA Championship. After Tiger putted out on the 18 last Sunday, the two shook hands and held on for what felt like a minute — neither of them wanted to let go. So it appears if there was any tension between the two, it’s been sorted out.

In general, Tiger had a much better attitude at the PGA. He was almost — dare I say — chipper. He was much friendlier to the media. After his pre-tournament press conference, one of my colleagues said something like, “The Tiger that sucks at golf is a much better person. I like this Tiger.” It’s true. I was impressed with his attitude — I could believe how forthcoming he was (for Tiger). And despite not playing his best, he genuinely seemed much happier on the golf course.

It sounds like he’ll be a fantastic teammate on the Ryder Cup. What? He hasn’t been picked yet, though! Oh, get real.