A Gallery of Shots from Sunday at Whistling Straits
By Stephanie Wei under General

Another person who got screwed in Bunker-Gate is Martin Kaymer. Instead of talking about this classy, deserving, talented (and cute) young champion, who is probably going to win the most majors out of the three that should have been in the playoff, it’s inevitable that Dustin Johnson has been the bigger story. We should be raving about that clutch 15-footer for birdie Kaymer drained on the 72nd hole to get in the playoff.

I’m sure he’s doing just fine, though, and wouldn’t trade the Wanamaker Trophy for massive headlines. Once again, congrats to Kaymer.

I wonder if you ask non-golf fans who won the PGA Championship, they wouldn’t know. But they would know something about Dustin Johnson, who has practically become a household name. Silver lining!

Anyway, below are some great pictures — courtesy of Kyle Auclair from —  from the final round at the PGA Championship where Dustin Johnson-got-screwed-because-of-some-stupid-bunker. I still find the shots of DJ hitting the most-famous-approach-ever-on-the-72nd-hole mind-blowing.  (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Enjoy!

[Photos by Kyle Auclair/]